Getting the best value for money through Spectrum Internet deals

Charter Spectrum has recently made a name for itself once again through the continued service provided by their Spectrum Internet services. The company didn’t really have a good reputation during its early years, but re-branding itself seemed to have worked in their favor. The company is currently offering its services through the trade name Spectrum Internet, which includes services such as cable internet subscriptions, residential telephone, and cable television. These products are being offered through different Spectrum Internet deals and TV cable packages.

The company previously had a bad connotation attached to its Charter or Time Warner brand, which is why it had decided on a new approach in 2017. The company replaced its core services with new brand names, namely Spectrum Internet Internet for its High-Speed Internet brand, Spectrum Voice for its Spectrum Voice product, and finally Spectrum TV for its Spectrum Digital Cable service.

Spectrum made a big deal entirely out of its re-branding and even launched an extensive marketing campaign during that time. The move itself was initially very controversial as customers thought that the company was just merely renaming itself to get rid of its previously lousy reputation. However, the company has so far proven that it has, in fact, turned in a new leaf.

Spectrum's Internet brand has significantly improved upon its predecessor, which has been apparent in the company's continued effort to provide customers with reliable, fast, and widely available products. For most Americans, Spectrum has become the go-to option for residential internet applications. The company has also significantly improved its bundled plans with various options that include double play and triple play internet packages. The improvements in the company’s services have also been made apparent in its yearly earnings, which grew from bankruptcy in its early years after the merger to a power house earning billions in the recent years.

The company's Spectrum Internet is now offered as a standalone service with unlimited data and speeds of up to 100 mbps.  One can add bundled services along the way with each bundles offering numerous options that are priced differently depending on the services that are included. The packages basically follow the notion that the more you pay, the better types of products you get.

All of Spectrum's services currently utilize a combination of coaxial cable and hybrid fiber-coaxial networks. This means that the service that the company provides, specifically its internet connection, is far superior when compared to DSL from providers such as Century Link and AT&T. Coaxial cable and hybrid fiber-coaxial networks can handle significantly more bandwidth and speeds and are therefore much faster than traditional copper telephone wire networks.

Cable internet is slightly more expensive than DSL. However, the extra money that is spent on a cable internet subscription will be well worth it for users who greatly depend on their internet connections for things such as work and entertainment. The different Spectrum Internet deals may be confusing for most, given the sheer number that is available, but once a suitable plan is pinpointing, the performance-to-price ratio that these plans offer is excellent value for money.

It has to be considered that going with Spectrum Internet deals with Spectrum may have some disadvantages but mostly advantages compared to other service providers in the country. For one, the company does offer no data caps or unlimited internet policy on the different cable internet bundles and service.  Whereas some providers usually cap their customers at 1 terabyte monthly allocated data. Even though Spectrum doesn’t reach the 1000 mbps level that other providers have for its residential service, the unlimited internet is more than enough reason for you to get Spectrum for you to meet your different entertainment needs that requires the internet.  

Another thing is that there may be some additional costs to other providers will be that they include equipment rentals to their subscription.  However, as a Spectrum subscriber, one need not to worry about the cost as equipment comes free with the installation and you can have your WiFi at home from the start.

Those who are looking for the bare minimum to save on cost may want to consider getting the company's Internet plan only. The basic internet-only plan will cost customers just $44.99 per month with a two-year contract. Spectrum Internet plan comprises an internet connection with speeds of up to 100 megabits a second. These speeds should be enough for households with two to five users who typically use their relationship for light to medium internet activities such as social media, web browsing, video streaming, and online gaming.

When compared to DSL plans, the company's basic internet-only plan cost just a few dollars more. However, the internet speeds it provides is close to five times more than what is being offered by its DSL counterparts.

Customers who like to watch a lot of television will likely be better off getting one of the company’s Spectrum Internet + TV Select deals. Spectrum's TV Select + Internet plan is currently robust to beat when it comes to value for money. The plan which is priced at just $89.98, includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 100 megabits per second and a cable television subscription with access to over 125 channels.

The cable television subscription already includes favorite channels such as History, Cartoon Network, and A&E. Those who want more cable channels to watch can choose between four different subscriptions, which they can then pair up with the internet connection they want.

The company currently offers three different triple play bundles, namely Select subscription with over 125 channels, a Silver subscription with over 175 channels, a Gold subscription with more than 200 channels.  

Aside from its traditional cable television services, Spectrum has been continually upgrading its systems to now include streaming services and on-demand services. These streaming services are now included in its usual cable television line-up, which means that customers now have access to exclusive channels that were previously not available on cable television subscriptions.

For those who have more money and with small businesses, customers could opt to go for the higher tier plans, which provide appreciably higher internet connection speeds. Spectrum's Business Internet plan, is priced only at $44.99 with speeds of up to 940 mbps. These speeds will support more than 10 users at a time, across multiple devices. Customers that want to experience speeds that rival that of fiber optic internet may want to go for the company’s Business internet plan, which is currently priced only at $44.99 per month and may opt for additional services such as phone service.

Through the use of its hybrid fiber-coaxial networks, the company is now able to provide internet connections that rival the speeds that are being offered by their fiber optic service rivals. These speeds are generally very useful for households with multiple users who typically use their internet connection for heavy online tasks such as Ultra HD video streaming and high-end online gaming.

Having gigabit internet speeds may also be very useful for modern smart homes with multiple Internet of Things devices that require an internet connection to function. Homes with intelligent security systems, smart appliances, and other smart devices will probably want to have this type of internet connection.

If money is not an issue, customers can actually go for the company's highest tier package, which will contain all the company's best products. For $139.97 per month for the first year, customers can get the company's Gold Triple Play package, which includes an internet connection, a cable television subscription, and a residential telephone line. The internet connection reaches up to 100 mbps which is adequate for the entire family’s use. The cable television package is the company's Super subscription with over 200 channels, including channels from private networks such as HBO, Netflix, Cinemax, TMC, and Starz.

Customers can also opt to add DVR capabilities and On Demand subscription which can let you store up to 780 hours of content and up to 4 television sets in your home. Finally, the plan will include a residential telephone line with unlimited local and nationwide calling. Customers can also enjoy unlimited calls to almost half the world, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Northern Mariana Island.

Spectrum also makes it available for you to manage your phone calls anywhere with the Voice Online Manager, available at no extra cost for customers with Spectrum Voice and Internet subscriptions.  Spectrum also has an app available for you to download from your phone in order for you to get the entertainment you want on the go with its Spectrum TV app.

What’s more enticing? Spectrum offers its modem for free to all its subscribers, unlike the other service providers which can cost you greatly in the long run.  No wonder, more and more people are opting to get Spectrum for their homes. Don’t be late at the party, head on to the link below.

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23 Dec 2018

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